Our Products

Mistral Water is committed to delivering pure, fresh, drinking water solutions through a variety of robust and innovative products which are easily transportable, meet user requirements and standards, and most importantly, create a secured drinking water source.

Product Categories
Ground Atmospheric Water Generation Unit

Mistral Water’s Independent Atmospheric Water Generation Unit produces pure, fresh, and cold water from the air. The unit is designed with an integrated water tank, that is kept continuously sterile, to preserve the quality of the water.

Vehicle Atmospheric Water Generation Unit

Mistral Water’s compact, vehicle-mounted Water Generation Unit is designed to extract water from air and supply cold, fresh, pure drinking water for the vehicle's crew.

Water Generation – Large Scale Unit

A mobile water production station designed to supply water to non-permanent military bases, disaster areas, and suitable for most emergency scenarios.

Water Treatment Units

An average air conditioner (A/C) unit naturally produces large amounts of water, which is typically drained onto the ground.

Water Purification Systems

Small units on urban combat missions carry a limited volume of water in their hydration packs or in bottles.