Vehicle Atmospheric Water Generation Unit

Mistral Water’s compact, vehicle-mounted Gen-35V Water Generation Unit extracts water from atmospheric air and supplies cold, fresh, pure drinking water for the vehicle's crew and passengers. Scaled to fit military tactical vehicles, the systems are produced in different dimensions and shapes. It dispenses between 9-16 gallons of cold water per day from a system tap to a standard water can or directly inside the vehicle cabin.

  • Provides water independence for the vehicle's crew and passengers
  • Creates a secure and pure water source within each tactical or combat vehicle
  • Installs easily as a stand-alone unit on any vehicle
  • Use the vehicle's available infrastructure (electricity, water tanks, or 5 gallon water cans)
  • Reduces the logistics footprint of expeditionary vehicles and units
  • Purifies water using Ultra-violet technology and add minerals for taste and health
  • Eases maintenance requirements with six to 12 month replacement cycles
  • Meets water quality standards
    -   TBMED 577 (US)
    -   NATO STANAG 2136 & 2885

Vehicle Water Generation products produce 6.5 to 16 gallons per day depending on environmental conditions.