Water Generation – Large Scale Unit

A mobile water production station designed to supply water to non-permanent military bases, disaster areas, and suitable for most emergency scenarios. In locations where water is scarce, the unit condenses water naturally abundant in the air, providing a clean and fresh supply of drinking water. The unit can also connect to a local water source, filter, disinfect, and re-mineralize the water and provide an extended quantity of healthy and tasty drinking water. The unit is mounted in either a standard 20- or 40-foot ISO container, and can be easily transported and deployed.

  • Supplies 2,600 gallons per day of fresh, pure drinking water extracted from the air
  • Can pump and purify an additional 13,000 gallons per day from fresh or salty water sources
  • Internal power module generates required power

The Large Scale Atmospheric Water Generator can be mounted on any Standard Semi-Trailer.