Water Purification Systems

Small units on expeditionary missions carry a limited volume of water in hydration packs or in bottles.  Local natural water sources such as rivers, streams, standing water and  infrastructure such as water tanks and wells can easily be  contaminated with chemical or biological hazards. 

“SPRING” is a small, man-portable water purification unit that fits into a backpack and filters water to meet the platoon or squad’s required hydration needs. The system produces fresh, pure water from any indigenous water source (tap water from a captured building, water tanks on roofs, wells, etc.). It is small and light-weight, and reduces the logistical requirement to supply large amounts of water to deployed troops during operations.

  • Purifies 50 to 185 gallons per day, depending on environmental conditions.
  • Requires no special installation for full operation. The system is easily connected to any available power source.
  • Dispenses pure cold or ambient temperature water. The GEN-350G's 50-gallon dispenser tank tank is either attached to the unit or placed separately nearby.
  • Uses it unique control system to optimize water production according to environmental temperature and humidity conditions. 
  • Improves energy efficiency with increased water production.
  • Meets water quality standards. 
    -   TBMED 577 (US)
    -   NATO STANAG 2136 & 2885
    -   World Health Organization (WHO)
    -   Environmental Protection Agency (US)