Water Treatment Units

An average air conditioner (A/C) unit naturally produces large amounts of water, which is typically drained onto the ground. Discarding this byproduct is wasteful, especially when more energy and resources are required to generate and supply “new” water.

By contrast, Mistral Water regards the A/C as a water-generating machine. Our unique Water Treatment Unit (WTU) can optimize and increase the water production capabilities of an A/C unit by changing the operational mode of several internal key parameters without affecting the original purpose of moderating air temperature. The water produced by the air conditioner is purified and mineralized by the WTU to create clean and tasty drinking water.


Vehicle Water-Treatment Unit (WTU)

Purifies, mineralizes, and manages the water produced by a vehicle’s HVAC unit


Full integration of the Water Treatment components implemented within the vehicle’s HVAC infrastructure

Water Treatment Unit for Air Conditioners/Environmental Control Units (WTU-ECU)

Purifies, mineralizes, and manages water produced by a single ECU system (or static air conditioner), or by several ECUs/air conditioners